S3A First Year Activities
May 14, 2015

As part of its first year activities, the research team was able to showcase the first iteration of a running baseline system. This is the foundation for further research and development into an immersive audio production and reproduction system. It includes all the required components to create 3D audio content and reproduce it in a living room environment. This intrinsic part of the project has been coordinated by Phil Coleman at Surrey.

The S3A  has also commissioned 3 short radio drama scenes. The objective of this exercise is 1) To generate high quality material that can be used to demonstrate the benefits of 3D audio and  2) To look at how production of fully 3D content differs from the production of standard stereo content in terms of the workflow and required production tools. Last month, the team led by James Woodcock, Salford produced the scenes for a short radio drama to evaluate the baseline system and create high quality test material which we can use as a reference point going forward. The recording of the radio drama scenes involved a couple of days in the  BBC radio drama studio  in MediaCity UK as well as on location recordings in the woods. 

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