VISR- Versatile Interactive Scene Renderer Framework

The VISR framework is a collection of software for audio processing that forms the backbone for most of the technology created in S3A. In this extensible software framework, complex audio algorithms can be formed by interconnecting existing building blocks, termed components. 

It can be used either interactively in the Python language, in custom applications (for instance in written C++, or integrated into other applications, for instance as DAW plugins or Max/MSP externals. While the VISR provides several renderers and building blocks for spatial and object-based audio, it is nonetheless a generic audio processing framework that can be used in other applications, for example array processing or hearing aid prototypes. The Python integration makes the system accessible, and enables easy algorithm development and prototyping.


The source code will be made freely available in the near future. The source code is provided through a git repository to the audio research and open-source community.

Online User Guide

User-guide to help you get started with installing and using VISR

Online Reference

Online reference to VISR classes, types and functions are kept up to date for easy reference


The VISR framework is available under the ISC (Internet Systems Consortium) License. The licence is included in the installers and in the source code.

For Research:

  • Render object-based content through standalone renderer binaries.
  • Create new audio processing algorithms by combining and interconnecting existing building.
  • Run audio processing in real-time to loudspeakers or headphones (with optional binauralization).
  • Prototype new building blocks in Python.
  • Simulate algorithms and complex rendering schemes offline using the same code as for real-time rendering.

For Development​:

  • Use the VISR infrastructure to reduce the development effort for audio applications.
  • Create new components out of existing building blocks or implement new algorithms in C++.
  • Implement real-time rendering applications or embed VISR rendering components into other applications, for example DAW plugins or Max/MSP externals or custom GUIs.
  • Use the interactive Python integration for benchmarking and testing of audio algorithms.

For Creation/Production

  • Use through applications as DAW plugins in most cases.

Download VISR-0.12.0

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VISR Framework
VISR Production Suite

What's In the box

  • Compiled VISR libraries, standalone applications, and Python bindings (depending on installation options)
  • VISR Reference manual (Latex, PDF and HTML format)
  • VISR User manual (PDF)

Getting started

The tutorial links below are a great way of getting started with VISR as a researcher or developer.

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