The Vostok-K Incident

A Cold War pilot… A mysterious rocket… Previously unheard interview tapes… Unlock the secrets of The Vostok-K Incident in this immersive 3D audio drama by connecting your phones, tablets, and laptops.



The Vostok-K Incident Immersive Audio at Home

This new science-fiction drama — The Vostok-K Incident — was created specifically to take advantage of extra connected devices to tell a story. You can listen to the piece just like a normal audio drama, but the experience gets better as you connect more extra devices, unlocking immersive spatial aspects as well as extra hidden content.

The S3A project team have been working on a way of using speakers in devices that people already have at home—mobile phones, tablets, and laptops—so that we can unlock immersive audio experiences for many more listeners. It’s like a surround sound system, but without the hassle of cables and expensive loudspeakers

S3A is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).
Programme Grant Scheme – Grant Ref: EP/L000539/1
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