S3A Future Spatial Audio in the Home

The goal of S3A is to deliver a step-change in the quality of audio consumed by the general public, using novel audio-visual signal processing to enable immersive audio to work outside the research laboratory in everyone’s home. S3A aims to unlock the creative potential of 3D sound and deliver to listeners a step change in immersive experiences. To achieve this S3A brings together leading experts and their research teams at the Universities of SurreySalford and Southampton and the BBC Research & Development.

S3A is funded by the  Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)Programme Grant Scheme – Grant Ref: EP/L000539/1
Duration: 2013-19, Grant Award: £5.4M, Industry Support: £0.6M

Practical 3D audio to deliver immersive listening experiences at home

    • Understanding listener perception of spatial audio in natural spaces
    • Listener centred reproduction of spatial audio at home
    • Reproduction of perceptually accurate 3D sound in natural spaces
    • Platform agnostic production & reproduction of spatial audio