About S3A

S3A is a major new five-year UK research collaboration between internationally leading experts in 3D audio and visual processing at the Universities of Surrey, Salford and Southampton and the BBC R&D.

The partnership aims to unlock the creative potential of 3D sound to provide immersive experiences to the general public at home or on the move. S3A will pioneer a radical new listener centred approach to 3D sound production that can dynamically adapt to the listeners’ environment and location to create a sense of immersion. Current 3D sound systems rely upon fixed loudspeaker arrangements and acoustically treated rooms that are not practical for home use. S3A will change the way audio is produced and delivered to enable practical high-quality 3D sound reproduction based on listener perception.


 Prof. Adrian Hilton (Principal Investigator) a.hilton@surrey.ac.uk
 Dr Philip Jackson (Lead Stream 3) p.jackson@surrey.ac.uk
   Chris Pike (Lead Stream 1) chris.pike@bbc.co.uk
     Prof. Trevor Cox (Lead Stream 2) T.J.Cox@salford.ac.uk
         Dr Filippo Fazi (Lead Stream 4) f.fazi@soton.ac.uk


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
Programme Grant Scheme – Grant Ref: EP/L000539/1
Duration: 2013-19
Grant Award: £5.4M, Industry Support: £0.6M