Stream 1

Led by Dr Frank Melchior (BBC R&D), the Stream 1 team is working on Object centred spatial audio production, transmission and standards. 

A key aim of Stream 1 is to introduce an object-based representation for spatial audio to support the creation of spatial audio content with an enhanced listener experience and independence from its distribution method and reproduction device or system. In particular the objective is to understand how such a representation can be created in the context of future reproduction systems and how this concept can be scaled to a mass audience in order to experience spatial audio in domestic environments. Stream 1 is divided into three main work areas:

  • Object-based scene description,
  • Object-based scene production
  • Object-based scene delivery




The Stream 1 research team brings together researchers from all other streams/partners (Phil Coleman, James Woodcock,  Andreas Franck and Jon Francombe) and its plan focuses on

  • Workflow analysis and integration of object-based production into the content creation workflow
  • Develop user interfaces to support the intuitive and creative production of spatial audio content for professionals including personalization and minimal interactivity
  • A new method to monitor the listener experience throughout the production and delivery process
  • Develop a scene representation which enable the support of delivery and rendering across multiple delivery channels, coding’s and devices
  • Analysis the potential for new coding and prioritization of content streams in an object-based scene representation
  • Investigate how object-based delivery can be scaled to a mass audience Introduce open formats and international standards for the delivery of spatial audio over heterogeneous networks and platforms

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