Stream 2

Prof Trevor Cox, leads the Stream 2 team  working on Understanding listener perception of spatial audio in non-ideal conditions. 

The Stream 2 research plan focuses on achieving an understanding of how users perceive and respond to audio objects in simple and complex scenes. This involves an ambitious series of experiments which will very significantly increase knowledge on audio object perception and cognition. The general strategy is to use qualitative techniques such as listening focus groups, grounded theory and open-question interviews (e.g. with sound mixers) to characterise the key factors involved in each research question. Where a factor can be quantified, formal listening tests with rating scales can then be used.

Stream 2 is based at the University of Salford and  includes the research of Ben Shirley,  Bill Davies, Bruno Fazenda, James Woodcok, Rick Hughes, Yan Tang, Alex Wilson. Michael Cousins,Tim Brookes and Russell Mason (University Surrey) are also members of this Stream.

Research questions

  • What is a good user experience for spatial audio?
  • What are the listeners perceptions and cognitive responses?
  • Can we build perceptual models for monitoring quality?
  • How can spatial audio technology be used to enhance listener experience and accessibility?
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