If you are an aspiring developer in the world of audio or alike, you can develop with these code bases will help you expand on the world, and future of object-based-audio.  There are multiple code bases across different repositories.

To help you get started, or to ask any development questions you may have, view our discussions using our slack forum base. See the separate channel links below, for each coding stream.


The Versatile Interactive Scene Renderer (VISR) 

Real-time multi-channel audio signal processing library for audio developers. Access the repository and follow the README. You can follow these initial guides here:

[Source][Setup Guides: Visual studio, xcode, linux][Guide (standard, python, externals][Manual][#visrdev][Licence]



The VISR Production Suite (For Plugin Developers!)

The existing plugin tools for creating, editing, rendering and monitoring object-based audio. To contribute to this ongoing development, see the repository

[Source][Setup Guides: visual studio, xcode][Guide][Manual][#visrplugindev][Licence]



WebVISR (For web developers!)

WebVISR allows you to use Javascript to control VISR. It uses Emscripten is a source-to-source compiler that runs as a back end to the LLVM compiler and produces a subset of JavaScript.

[Source][Setup: chrome, firefox, safari, IE][Guide][Manual][#visrweb][Licence]