The S3A team is comprised of  Post-doctoral researchers,  Research leaders experts and  Stream leaders across the 4 different partners (Surrey, Salford, Southampton and the BBC). The Principal Investigator is Prof Adrian Hilton (Director of the Centre for Vision Speech & Signal Processing – one of the largest activities in audio and visual signal processing in the UK).

Principal Investigator

Project manager

Stream leaders

  • Stream 1: Object centred spatial audio production, standards & transmission. (Lead: Chris Pike, BBC R&D)
  • Stream 2: Understanding listener perception of spatial audio in real spaces. (Lead: Prof Trevor Cox, University of Salford)
  • Stream 3: Audio-visual DSP for spatial audio object separation & listener localisation. (Lead: Dr Philip Jackson, University of Surrey)
  • Stream 4Practical reproduction of personal spatial audio in real spaces. (Lead: Dr Filippo Fazi, University of Southampton)

Research Team

  • Chris Pike
  • Jon Francombe
Salford University
  • James Woodcock,  Listener experience & user requirement
  • Rick Hughes, Physics of spatial audio in natural spaces
  • Yan Tang, Models of listener experience & hearing
  • Alex Wilson
  • Bruno Fazenda, Audio production, acoustics and psychoacoustics
  • Bill Davies, Room acoustics, perception and environmental sound
  • Ben Shirley, Audio Perception
University of Surrey

Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP)

  • Qingju Liu , Audio Visual Source separation
  • Hansung Kim, Visual listener tracking and room models
  • Luca Remaggi
  • Sandeep Chitreddy
  • William Morris, Software Developer
  • Wenwu Wang, Blind sparse and Audio Visual Processing

Institute of Sound Recording

  • Tim Brookes, Perception and modelling of audio degradations
  • Russell Mason, MIDI Audio production and post-production, music technology
  • Philip Coleman
  • Michael Cousins
University of Southampton
  • Andreas Frank, Object-based delivery & reproduction
  • Dylan Menzies
  • Marcos Simon Galvez, Listener centred audio reproduction
  • Giacomo Costantini, Software Developer