Our team

The S3A team is comprised of  Post-doctoral researchers,  Research leaders experts and  Stream leaders across the 4 different partners (Surrey, Salford, Southampton and the BBC). The Principal Investigator is Prof. Adrian Hilton (Director of the Centre for Vision Speech & Signal Processing – one of the largest activities in audio and visual signal processing in the UK).

S3A also counts on the expert feedback and advice from the Steering Board, chaired by Prof. Søren Bech  (Bang & Olufsen) and with other representatives in spatial audio from industry, academia and the EPSRC.

Prof. Adrian Hilton

S3A Principal Investigator

Director of the Centre for Vision Speech & Signal Processing, University of Surrey

Liz James 

S3A Project manager

Research Centre Manager at Centre for Vision Speech & Signal Processing, University of Surrey


S3A project consists of four main streams of research with leaders at each partner institution.

Chris Pike


STREAM 1: Object centred spatial audio production, standards & transmission.

Prof. Trevor Cox

University of Salford

STREAM 2: Understanding listener perception of spatial audio in real spaces.

Dr Philip Jackson

University of Surrey

STREAM 3: Audio-visual DSP for spatial audio object separation & listener localisation. 

Dr Filippo Fazi

University of Southampton

STREAM 4: Practical reproduction of personal spatial audio in real spaces.

S3A research team


  • Chris Pike
  • Jon Francombe
Salford University
  • Trevor Cox – Stream 2 Leader
  • Rick Hughes – Physics of spatial audio in natural spaces
  • Yan Tang – Models of listener experience & hearing
  • Alex Wilson – Psychoacoustics, Audio Production and User Experience
  • James Woodcock – Listener experience & user requirement
  • Bruno Fazenda – Audio production, acoustics and psychoacoustics
  • Bill Davies – Room acoustics, perception and environmental sound
  • Ben Shirley – Audio Perception
University of Surrey
Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP)
  • Adrian Hilton – S3A Principal Investigator
  • Liz James – Project Manager
  • Philip Jackson – Stream 3 Leader
  • Sandeep Chitreddy – Sound distance perception and reverb
  • Hansung Kim – Visual listener tracking and room models
  • Qingju Liu –  Audio Visual Source separation
  • William Morris – Software Developer
  • Luca Remaggi – Audio-visual room representation
  • Wenwu Wang – Blind sparse and Audio Visual Processing
Institute of Sound Recording
  • Tim Brookes – Perception and modelling of audio degradations
  • Russell Mason – MIDI Audio production and post-production, music technology
  • Philip Coleman – Object-based capture and production
  • Michael Cousins
University of Southampton
  • Filippo Fazi  – Stream 4 Leader
  • Giacomo Costantini – Software Developer
  • Andreas Frank – Object-based delivery & reproduction
  • Marcos Simon Galvez – Listener centred audio reproduction
  • Dylan Menzies – Fundamentals of spatial audio reproduction
  • Prof. Stephen Elliot
  • Prof. Philip Nelson
Previous S3A members
Frank Melchior – BBC
Teo de Campos – Surrey

Steering Board

  • Søren Bech (Chair) – Bang & Olufsen
  • Veronique Larcher – Sennheiser Innovation
  • Jack O’Clee-Brown – KEF Audio UK
  • David Steptoe – Audio Software Development
  • Steve Renals – The University of Edinburgh
  • Mark Sandler – Queen Mary University of London;
  • Dave Walters – BBC
  • Natasha Richardson – EPSRC

S3A is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).
Programme Grant Scheme – Grant Ref: EP/L000539/1
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