S3A Sounds Amazing
May 3, 2018

We are very pleased to report on the excellent event held at the BBC New Broadcasting House Radio Theatre on Wednesday 2nd May 2018. Sounds Amazing was a collaboration between S3A, BBC Research and Development and BBC Academy Fusion, and it is a follow-up of a similar event (BBC Now & Next) held in May 2015.

The event was aimed at audio experts and producers who were invited to hear about the innovations in 3D Spatial Audio and the future of sound.

S3A organised a tech expo to showcase the latest developments of immersive and personalised object-based audio. One of the highlights is the new concept “Media device Orchestration” (MDO) which aims to synchronise the speakers in devices that people already have at home, such as mobile phones and laptops, to recreate the sense of immersion that you get in the cinema or at a live concert.


S3A 3D Spatial Audio technology.

The immersive audio experience is like a surround sound system, but without the hassle of cables or expensive loudspeakers.

Prof. Trevor Cox (Salford University) and member of the S3A project gave a talk to explain the developments in this area.

See the video on the BBC iPlayer.

For more literature on the MDO concept here.

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