AUDIOSCENIC – Welcome to the new dimension in sound.

The S3A team has worked on novel strategies to deliver realistic 3D audio with practical devices found in common leaving room, such as soundbars. The technologies developed by S3A researchers turn a soundbar into a device capable of reproducing binaural 3D audio – making you feel like a tiger is pacing around you, or if somebody is whispering close to your ear.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback received by the industry and by the general public has led to the creation of AudioScenic, a start-up company created to commercialise this technology. AudioScenic vision is to transform the way we experience audio. Using small arrays of speakers and advanced head tracking technologies, immersive 3D Sound will no longer require headphones or speakers located all around a room and the concept of “sweet-spot” will soon belong to the past. 

AudioScenic bar

For more information, visit AudioScenic’s webpage.

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